Help change the way our society relates to food!

Have you ever wished that you could grow your own food? Do you ever wonder what sorts of chemicals are sprayed on the produce that you buy at the grocery store? I too asked myself these questions. That is why I started farming my own vegetables. I believe that as consumers we are responsible for every dollar that we spend. By purchasing your produce from a local environmentally conscious farm you are voting for a better future and a healthy environment. Over the past fifty years Americans have become more and more disconnected from the source of their food. Help change the way our society relates to food by supporting your local farm markets and getting to know your local farmer. 


The Farm Fresh Variety Box

The Farm Fresh Variety Box is a weekly subscription box service. We harvest and deliver fresh in-season produce to pick up locations twice a week. In your box you can expect to find 6 to 8 different types of vegetables as well as a weekly newsletter and recipes. The box is different every week as new crops come in. Tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, beets, greens, squash, peas and beans are just a few things that you can expect to find in your box. Our season begins around the first week in May. Boxes continue as long as we are able to continue growing produce. The 2016 season gave us a nineteen week harvest. This year we would like to try for 25 weeks. We fed as many as 35 families with boxes last year and would like this to grow to 50 families this year.

For more information on the weekly produce box and how it works, view our signup sheet.


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